About us

POW Festival is an annual female art festival that encourages new facets and powerful perspectives on the meaning and importance of the gender role within art and culture.

Within the available cultural offerings, the gender-neutral narratives about humans that receive most public interest are usually driven by a male perspective.

As a consequence of this underrepresentation, female artists are missing a voice in art and culture. The women are simply not fulfilling their full potential as artists, and society is missing out on important and diverse perspectives in art. POW wants to take an active part in changing this.

Festival since 2017

POW was held for the first time in 2017 as a 3 day pilot edition. The pilot proved to be a success and participants showed great interest in the female narrative in art and culture. The festival has grown bigger and this year it’s even 4 days! The program contains shows, talks, and workshops that appeal to everyone across age and gender.

Female art for everyone

POW festival is for everyone who is interested in a more diverse perspective on art and culture. The events at POW raise questions and create a platform for cultural art and the women behind them get a voice in the debate.

We want to shine a light on what’s happening with women in the arts and culture, and to inspire and motivate more women to be ambitious, brave, and dedicated in their work. The purpose is to shed light on trends in female art and inspire and motivate more female artists to be brave and ambitious.

The driving force

POW is run by a highly experienced woman: Füsun Eriksen, senior consultant for business growth at Danish Cultural Institute and former CEO of BUSTER film festival for children and young adults.

Füsun has many years of experience in advertising and the film industry, and she has worked with companies such as Warner Brothers/RCA Columbia Pictures and Trust Film Sales/Zentropa, creating festival- and sales strategies for Lars von Trier, Susanne Bier, Thomas Vinterberg, Lone Scherfig, Per Fly, Anders Morgenthaler, and Lukas Moodysson.